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There are no modifications and it involves passive flexibility. Popularized by Felix Cane. Magic Split: based on Down Split, front leg is behind the pole. Bottom arm or arm closest to the floor is removed, inside arm pushes at the tricep and hand is released. Contact points include foot or ankle of the allegra feltz benjamin frydman slovakia foot on the pole and top foot or ankle on periostat prescription dosage allegra pole. Variations include inside hand still on the pole or inside arm wrapped around the pole more like a bondage split and if grabbed like a bondage split, top leg can be bent in an attitude fashion with foot grabbed (or not). This split involves mostly passive flexibility. One-Armed Bird of Paradise: An even more extreme version of the Bird of Paradise move, done either upright or inverted with the outside arm grabbing the ankle directly and not clasping the other hand which requires even more extreme shoulder and hamstring flexibility.

And one and two and three and four. [MUSIC - SALT-N-PEPA, "PUSH IT"] KOURTNEY RICHARD: THANK you so much for coming in, John, and.

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