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The goods for the Osaka tour were not fully available for shows in the overseas and some merchandise were removed or added depending on the demand of each country visited. Eight brand new design merchandise and three new additional items were introduced for the Tokyo concert. The new designs feature a new logo for the Flower tour allegra mostyn-owen wikipedia two new light sticks, big size towel, pink slogan towel, white T-shirt, redesigned pouch and canvas bag, two types of key holders, and clear file set of previously unreleased photos. The new additional merchandise include a photo picket, a mug cup and an apron. The sales of the merchandise for the Allegra stratton politics today shows began at 12:00PM local time for three days. In Nagoya, four new design merchandise were sold including a black slogan towel, a new type of key holder, black edition of canvas tote bag and T-shirt. A sticker set was included in the official goods list that were not previously available in cities before Nagoya.

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