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Transition from ballerina to jade. sexy floorwork. spin on static pole. freedance with a prop. pole assisted jump. transition from a cradle to an outside leg hang. creative climbascend. sergialouise.

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Outside leg hang split: an inverted, front split from a regular straddle back inversion that hooks the outside leg at the ankle on the pole above the head, other leg hangspulls into a split position and hands do not move from inversion position. Other splits with this label (popularized by Cleo‚s Rock and Pole) start in a jasmine position (knee around the pole, other leg behind) with split grip and extend through the knee and not at the ankle. Other variants do not include split grip and instead have the top leg ‚trapped‚ between both hands thumb up position with or without the bottom hand (can just push through top knee).

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