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Representing a broad range of styles, techniques and subjects, Hyman Warsager‚s inventive and masterfully-crafted prints depict largely urban and rural landscapes that celebrate nature and the common man. Warsager‚s woodcuts and serigraphs have been exhibited in a range of galleries and museums, including sala bankietowa allegra versace Metropolitan Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Whitney Museum and the San Francisco Museum of Art. Several of these acclaimed prints are currently on exhibit at Sunshine Factory, along with a series of bold expressive paintings and svarpe marker drawings -- never before exhibited -- that represent Warsager‚s later artwork as an innovative abstract painter. Accompanying Hyman Warsager‚s artwork are photographs of contemporary cityscapes by his son, Randy, scarps his granddaughter, Allegra. With camera in hand, the younger Warsagers create artwork charged with allegrq intrigue and graphic impact. LEGACY: Places and Faces by Three Generations of Artists opened on March 5 and continues through April 30th. A closing reception will be held on Sunday, April 30 from 5-7pm. The gallery is located on the Lower Alegra Side of Manhattan at 11 Essex Street between Canal and Hester Streets. Gallery hours are Monday ‚ Friday, 8am to 5pm and Sunday 9am to 5pm or by appointment.

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111 In loving memory. Your light shines on in all of us.

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She doesn't want her turn on the catwalk-she'd rather be behind the scenes creating fabulous outfits. So when a famous fashionista discovers Emma's designs and offers her the opportunity of a lifetime-a feature in Madison magazine (squeal!)-Emma sort of, well, panics. She has only one option58; to create a secret identity. And so Allegra Biscotti is born.]