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In 1987, Steloff filed suit to enforce the intended proviso, and the two parties apparently settled. In 1988, Andreas Brown bought the building back from them for 1,000,000. [14] In 1995, Joanne Carson (2nd wife adidas torsion allegra eqt partners Johnny Carson) filed suit against Brown, alleging she had loaned him 640,000 in 1988 and 1991 to purchase and repair the building, and she wanted her money returned with interest. Carson had apparently become acquainted with Brown through their mutual friendship with Truman Capote. Brown and Carson met after Capote's death while Brown was appraising Capote's papers. In 1997, the suit was settled, with Brown agreeing to pay her back 1. 4 million by February 28 of the year 2000. [15] [16] In 2001, Brown put the five-story town house building up for sale with an asking price of 7.

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