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Quello immediatamente si ritrasse urlando di dolore e scrollandosi con furia. La barca inizi√ a beccheggiare spaventosamente [un mostro di svariate tonnellate che si agita in un fiume provoca la commozione necessaria solamente a far beccheggiare il guscio di noce.

Neither Jainism, Buddhism nor the Charvaka sect could make significant impact on Brahmninistic dietary practices as yajnas and ritual sacrifices continued unbridled till the late middle ages and thereafter. The 1. 3th century Telugu poet Tikkana earned the title Somayaji after performing the grand Somayaga involving animal sacrifice; anything sacrificed at the Yajna being sacrosanct to Brahmins. Also, Ashvamedha yaga involving ritual sacrifice of horses continued atleast from the time of Pusyamitra Sunga (2nd century A.

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