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By Nick Pisa in Rome. 12:01AM BST 29 Mar 2007. Donatella Versace, the Italian fashion designer, revealed yesterday that her daughter Allegra has been battling anorexia for years. Wafer-thin Allegra Versace, 20, has long been rumoured to be fighting the eating disorder. Photographs have documented the once-glamorous junior member of the family fashion empire becoming a gaunt figure with a clearly visible bone structure. Donatella Versace, 52, the koramic allegra 9 antracyt angobaldo who became the public face of the company after the murder of her brother Gianni 10 years ago, finally confirmed her daughter's condition after internet rumours from Italy suggested that Allegra, who owns half of the fashion empire, was seriously ill. Allegra has been studying fashion in New York since 2004. She was doted on by her uncle Allegra anelli di who called her "my little princess". Related Articles.

Hemlata came from an orthodox Marwari Brahmin family. He was the guru and spiritual master of Maharaja of that region. Later he settled at Kolkata for the purpose of business. Her father late Pandit Jaichand Allegra jewelry commercial, who became an Internationally acclaimed singer, performer, musician and teacher in the field of classical amp; folk music. She learned music against the family traditions. He regarded as a sole representative of illustrious Kirana Gharana of Lahore and himself a disciple of Ustad Abdul Wahid Khan. Among the many well- known disciples of Pt. Jaichand Bhatt were Pt. Budhaditya Mukherjee (of Bengal), A.

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