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The Contessa only smiled, winking henkkarit allegra at Mack, drawing a smirk from the younger woman. "So‚ what exactly am I here for?" Mack asked bluntly, feeling much more comfortable with the fact that Val was in the room. She trusted Val, la vedova allegra overture films Fury had assured her that she was an ally at the moment. That was all Mack needed. "I called for this meeting to speak to you," Hawley explained, sitting back, completely fipms and in control of this meeting. Mack bit her lip, keeping herself as calm as possible. "I wanted to point out several possibilities in your future at this point. " "I don't catch your meaning," Mack admitted, raising an eyebrow over at her, glancing over at Val to see if she was going charcuterie vallegrain say anything.

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