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DJ, producer and tour manager Matthew Chirichillo, who has worked with everyone from The Eagles, Joe Walsh, Don Henley, Christina Aguilera and One Republic, posted a photo of just a few of the many bottles before they were showered on guests, writing: 'Spraying off Champagne fireworks with a bunch of marvelous maniacs and Obama's daughter. ' The crew: Malia Obama enjoyed lunch in Aspen on Sunday at Cloud Nine Bistro while skiing with a group of friends (clockwise from left: Malia, Elizabeth Tisch, Audrey Kotick, Monique Lhuillier, Julian Gratry, Jamie Tisch, Crystal Lourd, Danielle Oerlemans, Tom Bugbee, Holden Tisch, Bryce Lourd, Zachary Tisch and Tasillo von Furstenberg)MALIA'S BILLIONAIRE BUDDIES Elizabeth Tisch (right) and Audrey (left)Elizabeth Tisch (Daughter of billionaire New Nickelodeon studios allegras window Giants chairman and Oscar- winning producer of Forrest Gump Steve Tisch. He has won a Super Bowl ring and an Oscar. Tupper allegra settings is popular philanthropist Jamie, who owns a home in Aspen. Parents are divorced. )Audrey Kotick (Daughter of billionaire Activision CEO Bobby Kotick, whose company released the game Call of Duty. Bobby is dating Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. Mother is Nina, a writer and family and women's rights advocate. He has won a Super Bowl ring and an Oscar.

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Congress Should Delay Action on New Sanctions Against Iran. Implications of the Recent Deal With Iran on Getting Controls on Civ.

"Things We Lost in the Fire", Entertainment WeeklyOctober 15, 2007. "Top 10 Highest-Paid Actresses". CBS News.

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