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The chukar is not brightly colored like many birds, but is incredibly handsome, nevertheless. It is ash- gray overall but has light- colored flanks slashed with bold black allegras window cat perches. The cream- colored throat has an ebony necklace that curves upward to form a bandit‚s mask through dark eyes encircled in red. Adult male chukars usually weigh slightly less than 1- 12 pounds; females typically weigh just over 1 pound. The name chukar (pronounced chucker) is simply the birds‚ rally call, the most common of their varied notes.

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He was very busy but made time to direct it. We‚ve been directing each other‚s songs so that it is familiar. The song became better through the combination of my and his ideas. I was more nervous when Jaejung directed because he is a member of JYJ. Do you prepare any performance especially targeting each Asian country you will tour. There aren‚t big differences between performances at home and abroad.

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