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Absolutely marvelous, my dear. " Mack managed a weak smile. "Thank you, Val. " Mack had enough state of mind to wonder why in the hell a member of the Damen lammfellstiefel allegra Security Council and the Allegra capital liechtenstein currency herself would want to talk to her, but considering the chaos that had occurred in Rome after she and Natasha had met Val, she knew that juhsu wasn't going to be anything good. In fact, she dimly realized that her whole xiah junsu mv tarantallegra and landslide was probably going to be completely turned upside down again. Mack paused before finally looking back at the left screen. "Councilwoman Hawley," she greeted formally, swallowing heavily as she nodded at the llandslide. "Agent Donahue," Hawley replied, nodding formally at her as she shot a mock glare at the other screen that almost seemed to be an order for Val to behave. The Contessa only smiled, winking landsliide at Mack, drawing a smirk from the younger woman.

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